Retry command until exitcode OK

So I recently created a script to clean up some messy M365 / Azure accounts, but ran in to a connectivity issue – every now and then the script would break due to timeouts due to a faulty internet connection on the given server.

Fixing the servers connection first was not an option and exception handling was out of the question with the ‘black box’ module I was using, so I had to find an other way to make the script retry at failure.

The script threw an exitcode at errors so a quick & dirty fix was the following oneliner:

fakeCommandName; until [[ $? -eq 0 ]]; do /usr/bin/php /opt/myscript.php; done

Using $? you will get last commands exitcode, so in short what this oneline does is simply;

  1. Run fake command that will throw an error exitcode
  2. Check if exitcode is 0 (it is not 0 since fakeCommandName does not exists)
  3. Loop with the real script until exitcode is 0.

Every time the connection breaks this loop will rerun the script until finally the script has finished successfuly

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